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Gooseneck Trailers

Heavy-duty gooseneck trailers from Big Tex & Felling put the weight of your load over your truck’s rear axle to minimize sway and maximize safety. With features such as high tensile I-beam steel frame, you know they’re going to last. Gooseneck trailers come in a variety of sizes and towing capacities with nearly endless options. Whether you’re hauling hay, in the hotshot business or just need the regular use of a gooseneck trailer, we have you covered with the two foremost leading brands in the business. We are proud to be recognized as a high volume gooseneck trailer dealer with a proven track record in providing the correct product for the correct application.

See our inventory of Gooseneck trailers, talk to us about ordering a trailer, or have a custom trailer built to your specifications. Questions? Call or text us at 970.484.0557 or the “Text us” link below.