Maxey Trailer Sales
and Truck Fitting

Power Take-Off / Hydraulic Packages

At Maxey Truck Fitting, we offer sales and installation on complete truck-mounted hydraulic systems and hydraulic wetline kits for plows, spreaders, dump trucks and dump trailers, live bottom trailers, and other specialty applications. Our hydraulic systems include PTOs, pumps, air kits, consoles and controls, tanks/reservoirs, hoses, fittings and adaptors, and filters, and can be customized based on your specific needs.

We also offer power take-off systems for medium to heavy-duty applications and auxiliary power drives that are made to work with a wide range of popular transmissions.

If you have a need for power through a hydraulic system or PTO, tell us about your needs and we will match you with the right equipment for the job. Contact us or use the text link below.