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Hauler Bodies

The ultimate hauler body from Maxey Truck Fitting made by CM is ideal for those serious about their pulling and hauling. Available in durable steel or lighter weight, ultra-strong aluminum, these hauler bodies are rated for 30,000# gooseneck with 5th-wheel capability or 18,500# bumper pull. The 1/8-inch treadplate deck may be upgraded to 3/16 on the steel body for heavier hauls.

Both hauler body models feature stainless anti-corrosion fenders, 4-inch structural steel channel frame rails, airline track tiedowns with attachment rings, raised side rails with aluminum caps, bullet DOT-approved marker lights, and tube window grill headache rack for safer backing and protection in the cab. Lockable, integrated toolboxes come standard on the steel model with an option on aluminum.

Hauler bodies from Maxey Truck Fitting are made to work and built to last. Contact us to learn more about hauler bodies to match your specifications or text us using the link below.